Anyone can start a blog, but not everyone can maintain one.  It’s a challenge…because it requires you to grow and gain skills.

Here are the skill sets that you will hone by diving into this new communication mode:

Teaching Skills

Readers want to learn.  This is the reason that they click on any appealing blog post link.

If they dedicate their time and attention, they should gain a new perspective and/or new information.  This means that a blog post is an educational tool.

Blogging provides the opportunity to provide educational messages that are evidence-based and well-rounded.

Communication Skills

The communication style is completely different in a blog post compared to other informative platforms.

Unlike scientific publications and textbooks, blog posts must be brief, concise, and engaging.  The message needs to be communicated in a short amount of time.

Readers are looking for quick, eye-appealing information.  The use of short sentences, segmentation, and pictures are necessary to convey a message quickly.

Bloggers break a lot of writing rules to write in a conversational manner.

To see what I mean, pay attention to the writing style of the posts you read in-full vs. the ones you don’t.

Marketing Skills

Do not confuse blogging with journaling or writing in a diary.   To maintain a successful blog, posts must be timely, attractive, and directed to the desires of the audience.

Bloggers must create striking blog covers with enticing titles.  They must provide genuine and useful information.  They must know their audience well enough to casually speak to them through their posts.

The number of views, likes, and positive comments are all indicators of the success of a post.  Bloggers also learn to grow their subscriber base and maintain relationship with their followers. All parts of marketing.

Technological Skills

Of course, a blogger must know how to manage their own website and how to post on that website.   They also learn ways to share their posts on a variety of social media platforms.

Successful bloggers often manage an email campaign service  to engage regularly with their subscribers.

Blogging enables them to gain more exposure to new tools and resources online…from creating appealing graphics to scheduling the post…bloggers do it all.

Blogging has become a standard method to communicate and educate…two necessary skills for all nutrition professionals.

Whether you are managing employees, providing care to patients, working with medical teams, or counseling clients…blogging can help you communicate.

Its reach and use has expaned to all areas of the field.  Improve your communication skills…start blogging today.

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