If you are a dietetic student or intern and are not using your LinkedIn account regularly, then it is time to start. There are numerous benefits to using this unique media site. It may not be as entertaining as the other social media sites, but it is one of the best ways to learn about your profession online.

You need to develop your LI profile and start using LI daily to:

  1. linkedin-logoBuild Your Network

You’ve been told a million times that you should harness the power of networking. But, what does that really mean? 

Well, if you download the LinkedIn app to your phone, visit it often, and get active…then you will find out. The more you connect with those in your field, the easier it becomes to grow your career.

Connecting means more than just clicking the ‘invite’ and/or ‘accept’ buttons.

  • Read profiles
  • Write messages
  • Read articles and posts
  • Comment and share. 
  • Join groups. 
  • Find mentors and peers.
  • Reach out to individuals. 

You will know that you are networking well when you feel like you are not caught up in the web that is our field, but are part of it.


2. Gain Exposure to the Field

Due to the diversity of the nutrition field, there is a lot of information coming from a lot of sources. By reading posts on LinkedIn, you will be able to start seeing patterns:

  • What topics, skills, and interests are important to the experts in the field?
  • The difference in the information provided from credible and non-credible sources in the field.
  • The perspectives, challenges, and victories experienced by those in the field.
  • The jobs and career pathways of those in the field.

There is a concentrated source of dietetic professionals on LinkedIn. It is almost silly to pass up the opportunity to learn from thousands and stick to the few that you have met in-person.

Once you gain enough exposure, you start to recognize that you are just one person in a huge web of people with common goals and interests.


3. Gain Access to Resources

Many professionals in the field use LI to learn about resources available to them. Part of being a professional is to constantly grow and learn. By connecting with those in the field, you can create a network that reveals all sorts of resources.

These resources can include: relationships, information, products, courses, and opportunities to work, volunteer, and get involved.

Most posts will have links at the bottom that will tell you how to gain access to these resources. Without reading the posts on the home feed or the group discussion pages, you will not learn about these resources. BUT, others will.


4. Learn About Opportunities

Mentors, advisors, and even companies that design products to help you…they all post on LI. They count on LI to be on media source in which they can reach out to you and offer their services.

Don’t be the person who did not know about the latest and greatest tool for your tool belt. S
tart getting busy on LI today!


GROUP TO JOIN – Here is agroup thatis specifically designed for you: Dietetic & Nutrition Students & Interns. If you are not already a member, request to join today!


D Golem at Podium with Flag

CONNECTION TO MAKE – Also, if not already, feel free to reach out and connect with me, Dr. G. I love meeting future professionals in the field and I always want to hear how I can help you succeed.  I am connected to tens of thousands of professionals in the field. Connecting to me makes you one step from connecting to them.


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